Has your company conducted a business optimization assessment to measure its ability to effectively yield products and or services? We converge state of the art mathematical models and Ai frameworks with advanced information systems that yield prescriptive analytics, decision rubrics and business optimization solutions for Start-up, SME and large enterprises. 

SRX610’s business optimization assessment identifies and measures your company’s value chain in order to design and incorporate an operational optimization plan. Operational optimization involves the input/output analysis and strategic improvement of a business model or system.  It is an empirical approach that accurately measures and predicts outcomes via an autonomous solution path(s). Our business optimization programs clusters data from real life events with prescriptive algorithms for decision making insights that drive optimal decisions to complex problems.

Is your Business Optimized?


We derive our business optimization solutions from mathematical models (e.g. algorithms) and Ai frameworks with advanced information systems that yield prescriptive analytics, decision rubrics and throughput maximization for start-up, SME and large enterprises.

SRX610’s methodology leverages big data and IoT via deep learning and algorithmic primers that enable the supplanting of predictive analytics in order to render prescriptive solutions (e.g. a powerful RX). ​

These methods are extrapolated via the use of Laplace transforms,  probabilistic amplitudes and Fibonacci ratios. Today our business optimization methodology has over 100 algorithms vested in 7 industries supported by case studies and a fully realized intuitive platform (e.g. deep neural network robot).


A business model or system without strategy or business optimization dies at the wayside. We digest an average of 12 business concepts per day for an approximate total of 2000 per year. Some of them are good and a few have the potential to be major game changers. Yet here we are with the same problems from last year and no resolve.

Why do we settle for the quick fix band-aid that temporarily stops the hemorrhaging? Are we destine to be conformist as we miss the opportunity train that properly nurtures and develops your business to a robust scale? No matter how amazing or disruptive your technology may be, if your playbook doesn’t have DIVINE strategy or intervention it becomes a “what if” at the next dinner party.  After seeing so many wonderful ideas come and vanish in their attempts to find water in desert we decided to help by making it rain.

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STRATEGY RX 610 (SRX610) formulates prescriptive solutions via a comprehensive RX of business optimization systems for projects, start-ups and SME seeking funding, growth, sustainability and intrinsic value.

SRX610’s solutions are bespoke to the health and wellness of each project’s DNA and their target objectives. Our 25 + years of experience affirms our acuity to devise business strategy differentiators and a critical path that effectively governs the plan of care and success for a project or business.

Advance Library Of Robust Algorithms
Probabilistic Amplitudes
Prescriptive Solutions
Deep Learning - Ai
Intuitive Frameworks
srx610 prescriptive strategies

What are your differentiators?


Through its differentiators SRX610 envisions the optimization and qualitative advancement of holistic business communities via the following key areas;

Project Funding
Business Strategy
Value Chain Analysis
Spend Management
Demand Driven Supply Chain
Decision Optimization
Revenue Growth

SRX610 aims to elevate the human potential and experience via innovative solutions that ensure access, sustainability and economics. We aspire to impact and add intrinsic value to a system or community with the aim of stimulating positive growth and infrastructure across the social, culture and economic pillars that define our society.


Business Diviner – Like the seeker who searches for underground water by using a dowsing rod, devising business angles and strategies takes on the same meticulous methodology